• On demand development - programming

    Supporting different platforms, we offer programming services, software planning and implementation based on your demands and requirements. Both desktop and network application development is supported. Source code can also be provided to customers if required! In addition to "from scratch" development, we can also upgrade your current solutions or make interconnections with software you are using.

    Tags: software, development, application, programming, outsourcing, freelance

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  • Specialized software systems

    We developed many specialized software solutions for our customers - most of these are available on Croatian market only, but due to increased interests we provided translations for our "famous" FITKO - club membership management system, making it available worldwide in English, German and Spanish. Currently, some of our products are being translated - simple outgoing callcenter CallCAMP and radio automation software RadioMagic. Check for details on product pages - menu on the left.

  • Consulting, planning and design, problem solving

    We offer our services to small business and middle-sized companies. Consulting, planning and project design has only one goal - optimizing and improving business processes (of course, with a focus on information technologies - IT). Our solutions can bring positive changes to your work - get in touch with us and tell us about problems you identified, share you thougths and ideas with us - we will try to develop an approach that will lead to effective and complete solutions!

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  • Computer systems and networks

    Even though our main services are programming and development related, as trusty partners, we offer full services to our customers - computer system and network optimization and analysis, software and hardware installation, solution proposals etc. Through our consulting services we are able to offer complete solutions "in the package" - in addition to proposing contractors and suppliers, we can do whole job for you and deliver both hardware and software making it ready for use.

  • Web services, Internet

    For all our customers, we offer complete web and Internet presence solutions - web hosting, domain registration, e-mail and all related services. In order to increase number of visitors, we can perform search engine optimization (SEO) and give you reliable data that may help you improve your position on most important search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

    For your public relation (PR) stuff, we provide simple telemarketing solutions and consulting services related to mass-mail production and customer relations.

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Products (english)


FITKO - club membership management FITKO Fitness
RadioArchiver - simple lowquality audio archiver for radio stations RadioArchive
DOMEK - domovi umirovljenika evidencijski sustav DOMEK
Autobusi - putni radni listovi i nalozi autobusa, evidencija karata AUTOBUSI
Putni nalozi i lokovoznja PUTNIK
Transporter - putni radni listovi i nalozi djelatnika za autoprijevoznike (kamioni, hladnjace) TRANSPORTER
Outgoing callcenter - telesales, telemarketing CallCAMP
Rent-a-car - izrada i evidencija ugovora o iznajmljivanju vozila u rentacar agenciji Rent-a-Car
eKARTE - distributed bus card sales system eKARTE
OPREMNA - sustav za iznajmljivace gradevinske opreme OPREMNA
EPK - evidencija poslovanja s kupcima, telefonsko zaprimanje narudzbi EPK

2013. online bus tickets

Fully integrated with backoffice (online shop - tickets for Belgrade, Zagreb, Pula, Sarajevo)...